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The UK has some amazing tourist destinations for travellers, ranging from museums and historical buildings to famous shopping centres and restaurants. One of the biggest drawbacks to being a tourist in a foreign country is the fact that you'll spend a large portion of your travel funds on hotels. There are plenty of cheap hotel deals on offer, but some are easier to find than others. The price can be affected by factors such as location from popular attractions, distance to public transport, available facilities and whether or not luxurious extras will be required during your stay. If you're prepared to forgo the fancy glitz and glamour of somewhere like the Hilton or the Marriott hotel, you can actually stay in a city like London on a relatively tight budget without making too many sacrifices.

One of the drawbacks of staying in cheap hotels is that they are usually located out of the way in some obscure corner of the country where there's little to see or do. That's not always the case, but most of the time you're paying for location, location, location when you fork over hundreds of pounds a night to stay at a UK hotel closer to the city. Nobody could blame you for wanting to be situated at the centre of the action - In fact, it's hard to resist the charm of Buckingham Palace, or the Tower of London. London isn't the only place that offers hotel deals to entice tourists to visit their country; lesser known locations such as Llandudno, site of the Great Orme, and Belfast, a very popular getaway for travellers on weekends, are popular with travellers also. Whether you travel by bus, tram or train, there's sure to be plenty of hotels, both well and lesser known, and they'll all be vying for your business.

Whilst the more expensive UK hotels offer can provide fancier rooms, a broader range of services and higher quality facilities, let's face it - If you're travelling, you don't want to spend any more time in the hotel than you have to! The whole point of a holiday is to explore, to experience and ultimately to unwind. If you're fretting over the cost of the hotel you're staying in, you'd be better off having a holiday at home in your pyjamas. Glasgow is another popular tourist destination which is well known as Scotland's largest city - It's residents are very friendly and the area boasts very popular and dedicated theatre culture, independent musical acts and every kind of hospitality venue you could imagine, from upscale restaurants to pubs offering simple meals and cold drinks, there's something to suit everyone. Locations like Liverpool can offer are nothing to shy away at either. The well organised public transport system makes it easy to travel around and explore. This means not only can you probably end up travelling around for considerably less than the cost of a hire car, but you can also afford to stay in more out-of-the-way hotels if you're interested in taking advantage of lower priced accommodation. Sometimes lower priced can mean simpler, but other times the hotels that aren't as close to capital cities can offer some of the most incredible views imaginable. There's a lot to be said for simple living - Great views, cheap stays, inexpensive transport and reduced overall travel costs. It's not for everyone, but those who really want to soak up the culture would probably benefit from staying in hotels in townships or locations slightly removed from the city.

The locals are happy to lend an ear and give you a bit of background history on their beloved expanses of land and you simply cannot get that from staying in the Hilton and Marriot hotels in capital cities. You might meet a few people in the hotel who can suggest the more popular tourist attractions to you (and any companions you might be travelling with), but you'll be limited to the same kinds of adventures. The typical tourist ventures that tell you about the history of a place, point out all of its attractive features, then sting you with a hefty ticket fee for the tour. It's absolutely unnecessary to spend money in order to educate yourself about a country or group of countries and their history. A quick google search can show you where the best attractions and sights to see are, and there'll be much more opinion from a wider range of travellers than if you simply asked a handful of people who are not tourists of the country but residents - It's often difficult to think like a tourist if you've lived somewhere your entire life (or some significant part of it). The cheap hotels that you can stay at will still be able to offer you a bed, some food and company, with the added benefit of saving you considerable amounts of money in some cases. Although it can be tempting when travelling to want to stay as close to the city as possible to be near the places you want to visit, it isn't always necessary. Provided you can plan your days well enough and stick to a schedule, even a half hour drive to or from a hotel isn't too bad so long as you're prepared to get lost once or twice and don't mind doing so.

Not everyone copes well with adventurous travel, others prefer to travel rugged with tents and backpacks. The majority will settle for somewhere in between and be happy just to experience another country's hospitality and culture. The hotel deals available in the UK are so varied that you would be best to either spend a month sussing out the hotels you think you might stay in, or else pay for the assistance of a travel agent who knows what they're doing to find you a great deal - Just be sure to mention that you don't mind staying out of the way a bit if it will cost less. The last option (which could very well be the best one) is to ask for advice from someone who has been to the country you're planning on going to before and who knows the best places to go.
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